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Garden Vegetable Sign LETTUCE Cast Iron Vegetable Marker

Garden Vegetable Sign LETTUCE Cast Iron Vegetable Marker

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A useful vegetable sign to identify just what you’re growing A colourful cast iron “LETTUCE” sign with a steel rod to put in the ground Similar signs are also available for carrots, beans, courgette, lettuce, onion, potato, tomato, radish, runner beans, spinach and sweet pea. Black text on white background with green border and raised lettuce image.
As well as the description & detailed measurements, we have taken 12 pictures, please look through them in detail, if you have any other questions then please ask.

Main material: Cast Iron
Age: New
Width: 11.7cm or 4"½
Thickness: 7mm or 0"¼
Height of Sign: 10.3cm or 4
Height of Rod: 24.5cm or 9"5/8
Height of Letter: 0.7cm or 0"¼

Note! We measure using CM and then it’s converted to inches & rounded down to the nearest eighth (1/8) of an inch
Approximate Weight: 0.35KG or 350 grams

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